The Crisis of Earthly Wisdom

History Is the Unraveling of Reshimot Inside UsTwo questions I received on failed “wisdoms”:

Question: Why are all the “wise people” in crisis?

My Answer: Because it has become clear that their “wisdom” is in crisis! After all, it is human and earthly, not “Upper.” Only the wisdom of Kabbalah alone will become revealed to everyone – proudly alone, on the throne of the highest value.

Question: Lenin was driven by the desire to make more people (the proletariat) happy with the help of a better society. In essence – though not in form – this desire coincides with the Creator’s desire to make the creatures happy. Then why do you still feel “sick” about his “speech on the armored car?”

My Answer: Half of the world are still sick in the stomach just thinking of him! Today they still can’t recover from this mistake of forcefully imposing the condition of unity, mutual guarantee, brotherhood, communal property, and mutual means of production, as well as the consequences of this.

All of these must occur by means of man’s self-correction, voluntarily, and through education, instead of through the overbearing “education” of the KGB, when they were annihilating their own people. Baal HaSulam writes about it in his newspaper “HaUma” (The Nation) and in the article “The Future Generation.”

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