How Egoism Compares to Kabbalah

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfEgoistic religion: Nature and Science, the two most quoted science magazines, have published synoptic articles on the origin of religion (“The Origin and Evolution of Religious Prosociality” in Science, and “Religion: Bound to Believe?” in Nature). This topic became popular again after the release of Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion. Dawkins supposes that the spread of computer and biological viruses is similar to the spread of religious ideas: that their spread is based on an egoistic mechanism, and this is why we are so susceptible to religious ideas.

Altruistic religion: Canadian psychologists Ara Norenzayan and Azim Shariff of the University of British Columbia went even further. In an article published in Science magazine they suppose that the value of religion must be tied to the stimulation of positive behavior and personal example, and with people’s egoistic need to constantly display their high moral qualities, trustworthiness and willingness to sacrifice their personal interests for the benefit of society.

Kabbalah: These ideas are surpassed by Kabbalah, which allows man to ascend entirely above his egoism and to make it “absolutely useful” to society, by giving everything and receiving only what is necessary in order to live and bestow. In this scenario the reward is not what one receives from society, but comes from the Creator – closeness with the Creator. This is what gives one the energy and inspiration to work wholeheartedly for the benefit of the society.

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