We Are Floating In a Sea of Information Like Croutons In a Bowl of Soup

We Are Floating In a Sea of Information We exist in a sea of information. We are floating inside it like croutons in a bowl of soup. Everything and everyone is inside the soup. There is no time here, and that’s why it doesn’t matter whether you are watching a live broadcast or a recording of the lesson – because everything and everyone is inside this sea of information, including Abraham, Rashbi, Moses, the Ari, and Baal HaSulam. Whether you are part of the lesson in “real time” or not is only a psychological impression of a person who hasn’t yet come out of the boundaries of our world.

For example, when a person doesn’t know that the lesson isn’t being held in real time, then he watches it as if it were. It’s because this information doesn’t get old. And it doesn’t matter what time of day or night one studies, because everything that we study immediately enters and becomes revealed in the entire universe.

This information has never been revealed to man, and it is becoming revealed only now, with the help of the united group. This force already exists in the field that we must fill – in the entire volume of the World of Infinity. And we fill it. And then the rest of humanity also exists in this information, because they exist in the same field that we are adding our information to.

We are doing this, because following the Restriction, only a thin glowing line passes from Infinity to this world – to the center of the universe. Everything besides this thin line is empty space, and we fill that space with the work we are doing.

This is why the sensory and rational information that we extract already exists in this space. And all the people, regardless of their location, or whether they want it or not, are already spinning around it, in harmony with it.

There is a good example of this in nature. Have you ever seen a flock of birds fly in the air, and suddenly they all make a turn together? How do they know that they need to turn? It’s because they receive their information from one place. And it’s the same with all parts of nature. Physicists are already discovering that the field of gravity spreads immediately and that elementary particles immediately inform one another about any changes happening to them. Everything we learn already exists “around us” – so just tune in to it and become filled!

This is why there is no time and it makes no difference when you watch the lesson. You get in touch with the spiritual information that has already been revealed in this space – and this information exists there for you.

(Taken from the lesson I gave on 06-27-08.)

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  1. I have been struggling with depression all my life and after beginning to study Kabbalah it spiralled out of control and now I am getting the medical help I need. My question is-Is this a state of reshimot I have to go through? Is this how fractured my soul is? I am seeing this as only a good thing but am wondering what the  Creator is asking of me to overcome this so I can attain spirituality.

    Thank you

  2. Rav,

    We have heard it is better to study with the world kli live than at other times viewing the recorded lesson. In this post you say it doesn’t really matter what time we study. Would benefit the American groups to study together in the morning at a certain time each day? Does it make a difference that we take our three hour lesson to bed where others take it to 12 hours of concsciouness? What is the minimum size group that would be beneficial for a study at a different time? Does this create more isolation for the American groups in comparison to the World Kli?


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