The Formula of the Soul

The Formula of the SoulA question I received: Do we have a memory (Reshimo) of freedom? I think we have to have it, because otherwise how do you explain the fact that we are always searching for freedom? So, assuming that we have this Reshimo, then the Light also fills us, but we just don’t feel or remember it. And one’s aspiration for spirituality is also determined by the Reshimot, isn’t it? This yearning for spirituality and freedom can’t just appear in us out of nowhere, and this means that we have Reshimot of something that once filled us. So my conclusion is that the entire problem is with us – how to awaken our Reshimot , how to wake up from the dream?

My Answer: That’s absolutely correct – our task is not even to awaken or revive the Reshimot, but to realize the Reshimot that have already surfaced in us. And the way to do this is by drawing the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) upon the Reshimot. However, this work has to be done constantly, and it can only be done in a group, by receiving the following things from it:

1. The importance of the goal.
2. The realization that it’s impossible to attain the goal with your own desire, but only with the group’s desire.
3. The help of the Upper Light, Ohr Makif.

This means that the Reshimot are awakened by the desire that we receive from our environment! And the awakened Reshimot in turn awaken the Light (Ohr Makif) that corresponds to them. This Light then corrects them, gives them the screen, and fills this screen with Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi).

So the Soul = Reshimo + screen + Ohr Pnimi.

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  1. Can you explain or expand on what you what you mean by “the group”. I for instance live in a part of the world where there are no Kabbalist teachers or Kabbalah Study Groups. Does this mean I have no hope of developing spiritually? I have also read in your lessons and books about people who go into caves for years and emerge as enlightened Kabbalist’s. How can they do this without a group? Please help me clarify this confusion.

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