Above Corporeal Existence

laitman_270For every spiritual phenomenon there is a special imprint in our world like a branch that corresponds to the root. Since the corporeal branch is revealed at a certain time, in a certain place, and in specific corporeal conditions, it exists in a very compressed form, clearly limited in time and space. Therefore, there are all kinds of corporeal customs that reflect spiritual commandments.

A commandment is an action of correcting the desire through attracting the reforming light called the Torah. The light makes changes in us called commandments, which correct our desire. It is useful to observe how the spiritual root comes down and manifests itself in the corporeal branch. This is why in Kabbalah we can use the language of branches and perform actions in our world as spiritual symbols.

For example during Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement), it is customary to repent and pray for returning to the Creator. However, one must ask about such a return to the Creator every day, at every moment. Repentance should be constant. In the corporeal branch, however, we specifically dedicate one day a year to it: Yom Kippur.

The month of Elul is called “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me,” symbolizing the yearning of a person for the Creator. Do we only need to yearn for the Creator for one month only? However, this is how it is imprinted in the corporeal branches. Therefore, as we approach the day of atonement, we should especially think of how we can return to the Creator.1

If we want our actions to be directed toward spirituality, toward achieving the quality of bestowal and rising above our egoistic desire, we must think only about bringing contentment to the Creator. That is, our actions, calculations, and thoughts must be above corporeal existence. Therefore, all of the actions we perform seem detached from reality and meaningless in our world.

It is very difficult for us to continue day after day because each time we need again to add to our efforts, drop by drop, until we receive the new quality of bestowal.

Therefore, we should simply follow the advice of the Kabbalists, understanding in advance that in our world there is no rational basis and pragmatic benefit in these actions that would oblige us. These actions are as detached from reality as is the entire spiritual world. We do not feel the need for them.

The Creator made them contradict our egoism, our will to receive, and this is a great help for us. After all, without such a contradiction, without an opportunity to feel and evaluate our resistance, we will not know at all that we perform spiritual actions and advance. The less desire I have to perform an action, the more certain I can be that it is close to spirituality.

The Creator purposely created the evil inclination in us so that we can evaluate our actions and thoughts with respect to our egoism and understand to what extent they do not correspond to the spiritual direction. Otherwise, we would never be able to enter the spiritual world, we would not know at all what it is.

Egoism works as help against itself. Every time it pushes us away from spirituality and takes our strength, but if we understand that all this is given to us as help, then we can advance exactly in this way.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/19, “What Is the Measure of Repentance?”

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All Claims Are Against The Creator

laitman_221.0Question: Since the year 2000, I have been moving toward the achievement of an upper goal. I had a teacher. He and I are now trying to re-establish contact. However, during this time there were a lot of descents. Was it the teacher’s ego? Why is this happening anyway?

Answer: We study that the Creator determines everything. Therefore, you can, of course, blame your teacher or even me, or friends, it does not matter. In any case, everything that happens to you comes from the Creator through some kind of person or action.

Therefore, you should not think about the one who caused you problems. It is the Creator. He plays with you like that, presenting problems through people, whether they are close or not, who supposedly are good or evil. Everything that has happened, did so under His very sensitive and precise control.

All your claims are not against friends, not against somebody else, but only against Him. As soon as you begin to relate to nature and to yourself in this way, you will immediately have a different attitude to the world, you will begin to understand it much more deeply.

Question: How is it possible to make claims against the Creator?

Answer: You should make claims only against Him. Who else? You can get mad at Him, stamp your feet, do whatever you want, just do not leave Him. He wants you to constantly turn to Him with both good and bad, no matter with what and how. Most importantly, turn to Him all the time. Scold Him, but do not leave Him!
From the KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 8/18/19

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The Meaning Of Kabbalistic Books, Part 8

Laitman_151Can The Book of Zohar relieve misfortune?

Question: It is said by the sages that the study of The Book of Zohar eliminates all misfortunes. How can a book save every person and all humanity from problems?

Answer: The Book itself does not save us from anything. I cannot buy this book and use it, as the townsfolk believe, like a talisman or some miraculous means (Segula). It doesn’t work that way.

The Book of Zohar saves us if we use it correctly, and, by studying it, we try to change ourselves in accordance with it. If we just keep it on a shelf or even put it close to our heart, nothing will change.

Question: But psychologically will it help?

Answer: Psychologically, yes.

I do not dismiss the fact that such psychological assistance is very important to a person. For a small, fragile, weak person in our world, it is very important. However, from a scientific point of view, it is of no use.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/18

New Life #2 – The Development Of Humanity

New Life #2 – The Development of Humanity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

The goal of human development is undoubtedly to bring us into a beautiful, healthy, whole, and perfect state. Today, humanity is in crisis as divorce increases, both parents and children suffer, and society is threatened with drugs and terrorism. Where is the joy? What is the purpose of it all? We are like a baby without guidance and don’t know what to do with ourselves. We are evolving toward interdependence and connection, yet something stops us from wanting to unite. When we enter a good environment, we have the opportunity to feel our egoistic natures, that we are lazy and that we don’t want to connect with each other. We need to proactively develop this type of environment that will take care of everyone like a mother caring for her baby. This is the way for humanity to learn how to reach the same power of love that is inherent in nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life #2 – The Development of Humanity,” 12/28/11

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/22/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 82

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Virtuous Disturbances

laitman_938.01Question: The Creator creates material and spiritual disturbances for us. Are these disturbances connected with us in any way?

Answer: Yes, they are. There are times when souls are more in need of either material or spiritual disturbances. Moreover, a material disturbance is not just a lack of livelihood. It can be diseases, drugs, problems with ecology, with anything, not to mention money and everything else.

These disturbances are not on the spiritual, but on the physical level, on matter. Therefore, our world is called material. All humanity experiences such disturbances.

Spiritual disturbances are unique and virtuous, when the Creator limits us in rapprochement between us and in rapprochement with Him in our connection. They lead us straight to the goal. Therefore, we need to replace material disturbances with spiritual ones since a person goes from spiritual disturbances directly to the goal.

We must learn to perceive them correctly. We will then have no problems. I will rejoice in constantly arising spiritual problems.

I do not want friends, I reject them, I do not want to get up, to come to the lessons, to smile at someone. All these are spiritual disturbances. This is how the Creator gives me the opportunity to overcome them and connect even more with my friends each time.

Question: What is better: to sit in the group with friends when one of them is in constant spiritual descent and worries, or is it preferable to be closer to the Creator when you are in joy and aspiration? Or these are different revelations?

Answer: These are really different states. You cannot say which one is better and which one is worse. What the Creator gives you at any given moment means that this is what is necessary for your specific correction. You just need to understand how to use any state as productively as possible.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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Bricks Of Connection

laitman_942Question: What are the bricks that the Temple (Kli/vessel) is built from?

Answer: They are all the obstacles that are revealed in us, all the rejections, estrangements, and unwillingness to get closer to each other that we overcome and ask for the opposite, to be united.

Any connection between us above any rejections is yet another brick that you add to the Temple, the place where the Creator will be revealed. Just count how many bricks you can lay in one hour, and you will see that you can add more every minute. Even faster.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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What Is The Spirit Of The Body?

Laitman_168Question: What is the spirit of the body that brings us into interaction with each other?

Answer: This is a common force that binds everyone together and provides us with eternal existence. We must leave individual existence from the sensation of our personal life, which ends with the death of the body, to the existence of our common life, which we will begin to feel as circulating between us.

For example, in the human body, millions of cells die during a day, and others are born instead. The same way as one cell dies in the body, when we die, we become like this cell in the common body of humanity, which dies and disappears from the body.

In order not to disappear without a trace along with the death of our animal body, we need to connect with the life of a common body, which means to strive through our connection between us to the Creator. This is what the science of Kabbalah does.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/21/19

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The Meaning Of Kabbalistic Books, Part 7

laitman_284.05Three Limitations in the Study of Kabbalah

Comment: Baal HaSulam writes that in order to begin to study his commentary on The Book of Zohar or The Book of Zohar itself, you must first familiarize yourself with the four prefaces written by him: “Introduction to the Science of Kabbalah,” “Preface to the Sulam Commentary,” “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” and “Preface to The Book of Zohar. ”

Answer: Yes. It is impossible to approach reading The Book of the Zohar without a serious study of these four prefaces.

Question: In addition, Baal HaSulam writes that before proceeding with the study of The Book of Zohar, three limitations must be clarified, which cannot be violated. In spiritual attainment, there are four categories that are called: matter, form dressed in matter, abstract form and essence. The Book of Zohar does not deal with such concepts as essence and abstract form. What is this limitation?

Answer: It is impossible to deal with the essence at all since it is above our nature.

We cannot deal with the abstract form because it is not a science.

We only deal with matter, which takes some form.

For example, we study egoism, which can acquire certain egoistic or anti-egoistic, altruistic forms. We can put on these forms and examine them because we ourselves are the matter that takes on these forms.

It is impossible to explore something outside yourself, in particular, such a substance as the Creator. Only if He appears as a person and manifests itself in the form of some property: love, bestowal.

Question: The second limitation—Baal HaSulam says that The Book of Zohar considers only the worlds of Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, that is, the concealment of the upper force from creation. Why?

Answer: We can only investigate what manifests in matter, and what is above it, abstract forms, abstract forces unclothed in matter, we cannot discuss them because they are absolutely unprovable and unrealistic.

Question: So there are five worlds and Baal HaSulam speaks only about three worlds?

Answer: Yes. He speaks only of those worlds where we exist: Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

Question: The third limitation—in each of the worlds BYA, there are three categories: ten Sefirot, the souls of people, and the rest of reality. The Book of Zohar explains phenomena associated only with people. What does this mean?

Answer: We should be interested only in what concerns us and what is clothed in us, and we can explore this from our practical comprehension.

We must see the limitations very clearly. A step to the left, a step to the right beyond the limits of our desire, which takes on various forms, turns us into philosophers and psychologists, but not scientists. Kabbalah is a purely a practical science.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/18

Simchat Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/20/19

What is the Essence of Simchat Torah?

While We’re Far from the Real Simchat Torah, Here’s a Good Reason to Celebrate the Joy and Happiness of Simchat Torah Right Now

At its core, the Tishrei holiday cycle expresses our shift as a divided, egoistic society to one of connection, altruism and balance with nature’s quality of giving. Its final day, Simchat Torah, celebrates the favorable outcome of this shift.

Although the basis of Simchat Torah is far from where we see our society heading today, it’s an opportunity for us all to think about where we are as individuals and as a society in relation to this harmonious state. We can rejoice in our recognition of the real cause of all our problems—our egoistic nature—and that we have the means at our disposal to redirect this nature to a positive direction. That’s already a major step towards the reformation the Torah speaks about.

Therefore, we have a very good reason to be happy this Simchat Torah. Let’s use the opportunity to consider how we can train the light’s quality of giving, love and connection among each other, and show that there is indeed a positive alternative to the escalating divisions, struggles and conflicts around the world.

May it be a happy holiday to all!

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