From the Toy Reward to the Real One

938.03The correct work for bestowal, without expecting reward, means to think only about the friends and through them about the Creator, to want to help them in their spiritual work.

It is necessary to keep this intention all the time, that is, to connect more and more and to try to raise this burden together for the sake of the Creator. Then we will see how each time we do it better and better despite the fact that the burden is getting heavier.

The friends are in my heart because I want to connect with them in order to receive strength from them and pass to them all the strength that I have for the sake of our main common goal of raising and elevating the Creator above us.

Here we have to make a choice in order to wish for a true spiritual reward. After all, by nature, we get a desire for egoistic fulfillment, like children dreaming of a toy car instead of a real car.

Then we get smarter, and we already begin to neglect the toy reward, but we do not grow up to the real one yet. After all, to do this you need to connect with your friends and try to build this “real car” in your mind and heart together with them. This is how spiritual work begins.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/23, “Concerning Bestowal”

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