Feel the Creator

294.4Rabbi Aba said, “Let us open the doors of Torah, for now is the time and the hour for our ways to be corrected” (Zohar for All, The Donkey Driver).

The characters of the article “The Donkey Driver” are walking along the road and trying to find the Creator in a conversation among themselves.

To open the doors of the Torah means the desire to receive a small illumination from above, from heaven, so that in this they would feel the upper force.

“Now is the time for our ways to be corrected” suggests that they are as if coming out of one state and moving into another. This is their way.

The correction lies in them, they should begin correcting themselves by studying, reading, and disputing.

At the same time, they correct their egoistic desires and adjust them in such a way as to feel the Creator between them.
From KabTV’s “Introduction of The Book of Zohar” 9/3/23

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