The Magic of the Lesson

255Question: How can you talk for three hours during the lesson? Where do you get this resource from, and where does this force within you come from?

Answer: I am experiencing it all inside. I am constantly getting new sensations and new tastes. For example, you are sitting at the table, your appetite is constantly aroused, and you are eating food according to this appetite.

You get saturated and again feel the desire, then saturation and again desire, and so on without end. If it were not for our corporeal organs, it would be endless.

Even the corporeal organs already work differently. During these three hours, I have no other desire. The body works autonomously.

Question: Do you not associate yourself with the body at all during the lesson?

Answer: During the lesson, I practically do not feel my body.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Magic of the Kabbalah Lesson” 4/25/11

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