Based on the Principles of the Universe

963.5Question: Why do you introduce the concept of the principles of the universe? After all, this has never been shared anywhere before.

Answer: The Kabbalists of the past have a description of the principles of the universe, but only in a free presentation as if you were describing our world in a novel as great writers did. Kabbalists were practically philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, and educators, but they presented everything in an artistic form and not in the form of a methodology.

Therefore, in Baal HaSulam’s articles and letters, the principles of the universe are described in an artistic style. We take them and format them in a more concrete form so that it is more clear to a person what is happening to him and around him.

As a rule, these principles are the preface to our articles and outline the method of correction that we are obliged to offer to the world.

In other words, based on the principles of the universe, we describe what the past, present, and future are, and how from this moment onward, we need to behave in order to move forward in a mandatory movement regardless of us.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Principles of the Universe” 3/27/11

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