Mediums for Recording Information

526Question: Does it matter which medium a book is written: paper or electronic media?

Answer: No. This is not critical. There are different mediums for different times. An ebook acts in the same way as a regular book.

Question: Why were books previously made on papyrus or animal skins?

Answer: What else could they have been made on? At first, pieces of wood were used, also sand or fired clay tablets were used for writing. They did what they could.

It was necessary to have a material that could be made into some form so that it would be recorded and preserved as a transmitter of information.

Therefore, the carriers were earth, stones, wood, and plant leaves. Then they started making papyrus and turning natural materials into something flatter and more suitable. At first, they wrote on special clay tablets and then animal skins.

People saw that the skin of animals consisted of several layers, and if it was cut lengthwise in thickness, it became thinner. They divided it into two parts and wrote on the inner elastic part since the ink on it did not corrode, did not spread out, and remained for a long time.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is a Book” 4/4/11

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