The Choice Is Ours

537In our movement toward the goal of creation, we can choose the best or the worst version of this movement. Either we will drag ourselves in shackles, driven by a whip, or we will go in a compartment carriage, on a good road, looking out the window at a beautiful panorama. That is a big difference.

But to do this, we need to participate in the movement ourselves, i.e., get into the carriage instead of trudging along the road in shackles. This means that I agree with the purpose of creation and that I want to achieve it.

I have to wish for it myself, and this is against my egoism. But I strive for it more than anything else in the world even if I had the opportunity to avoid it, so I have to come to a state of correct assessment of the goal, its understanding.

This work consists of making a person realize what the single force of nature is doing to him, how kind it is, how much by trying to change him from an egoist to an altruist, to an absolute unmercenary person, it wants to raise him to a perfect level. He begins to evaluate this perfection as the greatest gift.

Question: But whether he is walking in shackles or riding in a carriage car, does he still feel some pressure on his current condition?

Answer: No. He himself is remaking that terrible, dirty road along which he had to trudge driven by a whip. He lays the track to the train himself, he creates this train and all the amenities.

Question: Why is it impossible to walk in shackles if a person knows the principles of the universe?

Answer: No. “In shackles” means that he does not know the principles or does not agree with them and he does not want to change himself.

After all, the task is not to walk. “To reach” means to completely change yourself. There is no need to go anywhere. You will suddenly find that you have to be in the same place, that the road is in fact not a road but your internal changes that you have to go through.

Therefore, we must quickly create a methodology for correcting the whole of humanity, describe it as simply as possible, and distribute it by all means. The main thing is for a person to understand what is happening to him and the world right now, what kind of world he finds himself in.

If we want to see the world as kind and not as it begins to seem to us as very threatening and unpredictable, then we urgently need to understand what nature forces us to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Principles of the universe” 4/9/11

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