How We Perceive the Single Force of Nature

709Question: Which principles of the universe should we try to fulfill first?

Answer: The principles of the universe are not meant to be fulfilled. Principles are laws of the universe: the law of the equivalence of qualities, the law of the general unity of all parts of the world, and so on. They are not intended for us to fulfill in any sequence. These are the foundations, the bricks of the universe.

Let’s say we have nature in front of us, which consists, say, of 500 elementary particles. Each particle cannot be better or worse than the others. This is all nature.

With regard to us, the only principle of nature is that it is one single force. To the extent that we understand, feel, attain, and reveal it, it is as if we decompose it into many forces, many different manifestations and principles.

Although this is one single force, we interpret it as separate principles since we cannot perceive it globally. Suppose we live in a sort of cosmos, and inside it is the construction of the world, the universe. It is one, but we cannot explore it as a single entity.

We can explore separately the attributes that we call physics, the ones called chemistry, the ones called biology, zoology, botany, geology, and so on, because today we do not have enough experience, knowledge, or development to see it all as one whole. Therefore, we divide general nature into such parts so that we can somehow talk about and explore it. We cannot take everything together.

It is the same with principles. There is only one force inside which we exist. But in order to understand it, to realize its influence on us and how it created us, and how leads us along the path of evolution, we divide its impact into personal, general, historical, and different levels, manifestations, and so on. But this is in relation to us because in this way it is easier for us to absorb it, to approach it, and to feel it.

We cannot perceive it globally. We do not have enough sensations to do this, nor the ability to process everything and evaluate this force. We cannot! This is due to our limitations in terms of processing information, in comprehending it in the general form and simultaneously in all its depths and interconnections. This is our weakness.

Therefore the only principle, which is called: “One, unique, and unified” is divided into dozens relative to us. We arbitrarily divide it for ourselves into many different principles.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Laws of the Universe” 3/27/11

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