There Is Nothing But a Thought

231.01Question: Where did the concept of “thought” come from?

Answer: This is a consequence of the fact that we are people who have a spark of light in them. An animal does not think about whether it exists or not. It just exists and that is it.

There are people who also exist because they exist, and that is it. They are still at this level. In principle, a person becomes a person when he begins to understand that he must attain the meaning of life. It means to attain the only thought that exists in nature.

And there is nothing else. This is just a representation, a presentation of this thought regarding us as well as its parts, when we cannot grasp, realize, and feel this thought and somehow work with it.

Therefore, we can only capture it in the form of our world, volumes, and objects until we begin to rise from the material world by constant Kabbalistic attainment into such spheres where we can already feel the thought itself and work with it. There is nothing but a thought.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is a person’s “I”?” 4/16/11

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