Fighting with the Creator

235Comment: When I lose track of the lesson in the middle of it, at some point the realization comes: “Oh, I am somewhere else!”

My Response: You are given such a feeling, but it is not conscious. Does anything happen for no reason?! First you get a snap and forget about the lesson, fly out of it, and fall.

Then ten minutes later you get another bump on the nose and you ask, “Oh! Where am I?” You begin to understand where. From this moment on, you must quickly get yourself together and re-enter the lesson. In a couple of minutes you will get another snap and be thrown out again.

Question: But where is my inclusion if everything comes from above?

Answer: There is nothing of yours here! This is done only so you eventually understand that you need to do something; otherwise, you will keep being thrown out.

The Creator throws you out through the influence of light. How can you make sure He doesn’t throw you out? Where can you find another light opposite the Creator, who is always messing with you?

To do this, you need a group through which you attract such a light to yourself that the Creator does not throw you out; you fight Him. You are always fighting the Creator. Who else? Is there anyone else?

Question: How can I fight if He controls me?

Answer: Take such force from Him that lets you fight Him. The Creator purposely presents you with various situations, like we do when we play with a child. We create all sorts of apparent obstacles for him to learn from and grow smarter.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Concentration in Study” 1/2/11

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