A Person Inside Me

535.03Question: Kabbalah says that a person is new every day. What is going on in you that makes you radically different?

Answer: I am changing because my inner program is changing. It is constantly renewed.

After all, you sometimes feel it for yourself, perhaps not at the same pace as I do or with the volume of changes between states, but it is felt by everyone who is connected to the method of Kabbalah and goes through internal changes—”a person inside oneself.”

You can’t explain it to others. They did not feel it nor can they understand how there can be such states where suddenly everything becomes dark, then light, suddenly you are carried up with a broad view of the world, or suddenly thrown into some narrow egoistic field and forced to make lowly, crude calculations.

This is the person inside us working out his degrees in order to reach a state where his only desire will be to reveal the upper force, in order to immediately, here and now, begin to feel it, to realize it. But for this we need aspirations for this, desires, qualities.

We must come to these desires and qualities so that we can feel it to such an extent that it would be within the framework of our sensations, would enter into tolerance, into the sensory field—not infra or ultra. As in our world, with all kinds of phenomena that we do not feel but reveal through instruments, it is the same with the Creator.

He exists over some threshold, above the speed of light. It is like Rambam wrote that the whole universe and the whole world exist below the speed of light. No matter what physicists say that they have found something that moves at a speed beyond the speed of light, it is all nonsense, their mistakes, and they are yet to reveal it.

The Creator exists above the speed of light and above all our capabilities, which we, being in the body, are not able to feel even with the help of devices invented by us. We are unable to seize Him, He eludes us and that’s it!
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Change Every Second” 7/14/12

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