Any Appeal to the Creator Helps

624.07Comment: Prayer in the heart arises automatically, that is, any lack that manifests itself: I want to drink, I want to eat, I want, I want.

My Response: Every living being, everything that exists, has it.

Question: What does the Creator think about this?

Answer: Nothing. He Himself awakens these desires and He also fulfills them.

Question: Does He want me to ask? Or is there no point in this?

Answer: If you ask against your nature, above your nature, then this is a completely different matter. You consciously turn to your nature and to the Creator, and you want to change yourself.

Question: If, for example, I am ill and I want to be cured, then, in principle, is there a point to ask the Creator about this; after all, He caused this disease?

Answer: The request helps in any case. Any address to the Creator helps. It is better to turn to Him and ask for anything just to be directed straight to Him.

In fact, prayer should consist of the correct direction, called Kavana, intention, and then it will be very effective.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/25/22

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