When We No Longer Want to Hurt Others

632.3Comment: Recently an experiment was conducted: Two beautiful girls stood passively in front of a table, and on the table were cosmetics, jewelry, food, and paint. Spectators came up to put necklaces on the girls and apply makeup. Suddenly someone poured red paint, similar to blood, on one of the girls. Then it erupted with tearing the dress of another girl and so on.

From this experiment, it is all clear that this is how a man is. On the other hand, it also happens in families. Suddenly there is an explosion. The same happens between countries that they lived normally with each other and suddenly there are murders, tears, and crimes!

My Response: It is inside of us, and there is no getting away from it.

Question: How can you catch this criminal? How can we neutralize him within us?

Answer: Commit “hara-kiri” and get him from within yourself. We have to perform this operation on ourselves and extract this bastard from within us. He is in each of us. The more he is hidden inside us, the more insidious and cruel he is. That is, insidiousness and cruelty in the world have yet to be revealed.

Question: Does it mean that first of all we must reveal that each of us has this criminal within us? For now, I am horrified by what someone has done there, but do I instead have to reveal that this criminal is within me?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Are you saying that each of us can do the same thing at some point?

Answer: I am talking about everyone. There is not a single person in our world who is free from the most terrible egoism. From the most terrible!

Question: Do you mean in everyone, even the quietest person sitting on the sidelines?

Answer: It does not matter.

Question: So, the first thing we have to do is to understand that this is in each of us. And the second thing is to ask ourselves how to pull this out of there? Should we be horrified that this is within us?

Answer: Yes. We should be horrified; we should ask ourselves how to get this out. We have to solve this issue, we have to get an answer to it that it can be done, and we have to get this inner scoundrel out of ourselves and just correct it. It is impossible to kill it. It is like some kind of little devil.

Question: Will it live in us all the time?

Answer: Yes, and it is eternal. We can only correct it. The operation on us is necessary in order for a person to agree to it, to the fact that he is ready to “cut” himself just to get rid of his evil. Then he will begin to receive such qualities that will really gradually correct this evil and extract it.

Question: Is it possible for a person to agree to such an operation?

Answer: It depends on how much he is suffering.

Question: Is this operation painful?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it happen “under anesthesia”?

Answer: If it is under anesthesia, then this is not an operation. Moreover, this is a very slow operation, which is carried out by the person himself, and it lasts a long time. He gradually pulls this evil out of himself. Every time when he pulls it a little bit these are terrible states!

Question: So, he pulled it out a little bit, and then, is there more? Does he pull it out again?

Answer: More and more! It does not end.

Question: What is there? This has to end somehow. Should there be any hope that I will pull everything out?

Answer: This is when a person agrees to everything! He actually agrees to everything not in words. Anything in order to get rid of this evil! Not from pain or some other states, sorrows, and so on, but from evil!

This is evil because he hurts others. It hurts him. This is why he agrees to everything to get out of this state so that he will never, in any way, hurt anyone. This is the most important thing for him, and he agrees to everything so that it would not exist within him.

Question: Can you imagine? The feeling of pain from the fact that he hurts the other is greater than the feeling of pain from being cut.

Answer: Of course!

Comment: What a crazy shift in thinking must happen there!

My Response: It is better not to talk about this at all.

Question: Do you not say that this will come, one way or another? The person will begin taking care of himself?

Answer: Yes. It will happen when we feel that we cannot, we have no right, and we are afraid to hurt the other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/11/22

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