What Does Thoughtless Disclosure of Knowledge Lead To?

559Comment: In our world, no matter how hard Kabbalists tried to hide spiritual knowledge from the impure, wrong intentions of people, nothing helps; even the ancient Greeks spoke about this. Somehow all the same, knowledge reaches the egoists.

My Response: Because the ancient Greeks were at the level of the same egoists; Kabbalists, however, are above this level. Therefore no one can approach and grasp this knowledge.

To approach them, to reveal them, and to work with them, one must be at the level of this knowledge; therefore, an ordinary egoistic person cannot do it.

Question: To acquire Kabbalistic knowledge must a person must change himself, his intention?

Answer: Absolutely! When he corrects himself, he has no other choice but to use this knowledge correctly.

In our world, we see that scientists can remain egoistic, receive knowledge, and pass it on. This is a big problem. Even Aristotle warned about not revealing our knowledge to the common people because they would not be able to use it correctly and would cripple the whole world.

But in our time, on the contrary, scientists reveal knowledge to everyone. Therefore, look at what is happening, look where we are turning all the power of science, mainly toward destruction.

Question: Can we still hope that there is some upper system that will prevent us from destroying each other?

Answer: Yes. But we must also think from our side. From our side however, we have already revealed everything we could.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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