How Can You Protect Yourself from Klipot?

260.01Question: The Klipot remain with us until the end of correction. How can we protect ourselves from them?

Answer: Only by getting closer to the friends, only when a person clings to his friends and wants to be one with them. There are no other means because the Klipa is the desire to move away, to push away, to isolate oneself from others in order to concentrate inside oneself.

There is a common Klipa in the group that acts to separate friends; it is pride, envy, etc. And there is specifically the Klipa of Al Menat Lekabel (Amalek) that acts against the greatness of the quality of bestowal, the upper force, the Creator. It says to a person: “Your benefit, your profit is more important.”

Question: Does it mean that it is impossible to go through all the spiritual work and all the clarifications and not fall into Klipot?

Answer: Naturally we must fall and rise, fall and rise. In this way, from our falls, we will raise a little part of Klipa with us, a little of this husk, a little of egoism, a little envy, jealousy, and everything else. By raising these pieces of our egoism, we will correct them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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