Clearing Up a Confusing Picture

522.03Question: The entire reality is light and Kli, Creator and creation, the other and me. Why does The Zohar seem so complicated and confusing?

Answer: The Zohar seems complicated and confusing to us because we have not reached a unified picture. We have “me” and “the world,” my desires, my thoughts, and the forces operating in this entire reality, and the fulfillments in it seem distant from each other and shattered. Therefore, this force of shattering gives me an extremely complex, confusing picture. It is because I do not see all this in unity, and separation brings me confusion.

As much as we can see, but not in the mind because it will not help, rather in feelings, that is, in more corrected Kelim (desires), all these details of perception combined together: me, the other, the Creator, the study, the group, the environment, everything that exists, to the extent that I wish to link them together, these efforts will bring me light. The light will lead me to the contemplation of a more unified picture, and all the elements of the picture will gradually begin to connect.

From the connection of all these opposites, which become supportive and connected with each other, the entire wisdom comes.

The more distant and opposite all these details of the picture of reality used to be, which I now see connected together both supporting and complementing each other, the deeper I attain the thought of creation, the program of creation, and the process that we are going through.

From these opposites, I begin to live, to feel this amazing wisdom, to connect together the upper governance, to correlate it with one force.

All this is a result of the influence of light on my shattered desires and thoughts, when I want it to connect them together.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/11, The Book of Zohar — Introduction: “The Fourth Commandment”

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