A New Universe of Goodness

935After all the suffering that the Jewish people endured, including losing a third of its population in the Holocaust, we still continue to develop in our egoistic desire to enjoy and do not want to think about the causes of the destruction that occurred. The heart becomes harder and harder and it cannot be softened even by suffering.

Everyone dreams only of hiding in some safe, comfortable place where they can live well quietly and so that no one touches them. They cannot rise above this animal welfare to the human level and realize that it is necessary to come out of this shelter to connect with everyone, to build a new state in the world, a fresh atmosphere, and attract a new light into the world.

Humanity is obliged to be united and even if we only start to connect a little in the tens, the world will begin to change.

It is enough to see how the universe began, from the fact that after the Big Bang, individual particles of matter began to gather together and converge more and more until stars and planets were formed from them. We need to try to get together like this.

We are building such a connection in the international Bnei Baruch group so that everyone understands our connection can become the central point of the world around which a field of positive force of the whole reality will arise. In this way we will move toward the correction of the world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/19/22, Writings of Baal HaSulam, The Nation Newspaper

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