A Condition for Our Existence on Earth

200.02Our entire work is to understand and feel, that is, to reveal the general system of all of humanity and how much we are connected and dependent on each other.

It seems to us that we are not affected by what happens on the other side of the earth, whether in Australia or in America. But with respect to the general system of the world, we are arranged in such a way that there is a connection between all people even though we do not see it.

The world is arranged in a perfect way. Only we people constantly kill each other and fight without trying to establish good and correct relations and bring society to a perfect, circular form like the planet Earth. By this we distance ourselves from correction, from a good life in attainment of the absolute goodness of the upper force of nature.

We need to take into account the law of nature according to which we are all connected, all dependent on each other, and everyone is obliged to take care of everyone, to take care of absolutely all the inhabitants of this world. Until we achieve such a connection in practice, we will suffer. The longer we reject such a connection, the more our suffering will increase.

Humanity is developing and thinks that life will get better because of technological and scientific progress and culture. But if we do not establish good relations between us, we will not establish a good life; rather, we will fall into increasingly unpleasant states, up to a third and fourth nuclear world wars that Baal HaSulam writes about.

Therefore, in order not to come to such troubles, we should hurry up and explain to the whole world that correction lies only in building a good connection between everyone.

We must come to a state where we understand that correct mutual connection is an absolutely necessary condition for our existence. Gradually, this should become clearer. The world is approaching very difficult, critical times. We are facing battles with climate disasters, wars between nations, and famine.

We see that even now the Egyptian plagues are already happening one by one: “blood, frogs, and lice”—all these blows that took place in ancient Egypt should now be revealed all over the world.

But they are given to us not only for suffering, but so that through them we will discover that the only solution to emerge from this suffering is connection and mutual support. Let’s hope that we will be able to explain this to everyone, and in this way escape the danger of a third and fourth world war.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/22, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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