The Reason for the Imbalance Is in Us, in People

738Nature is out of balance. Unimaginable phenomena occur in the world. Poisonous rains fall all over the world, terrible droughts occur, and the most interesting thing is that there is no explanation for this. It just happens that way, for no reason.

Therefore, we need to understand that the reason is in us, in people! It is us who are out of balance, and by this we cause the still, vegetative, and animate nature to be out of balance.

Let us hope that this imbalance will not result in world war and that we will be able to put this process in the right direction toward correction. After all, it is not someone alone who is to blame here, but all of us, all of humanity. We can say that some nations are more to blame and others less, but we are all out of balance and cause imbalance in all of humanity and in all of nature.

The main thing is that everyone should understand where this imbalance comes from. The fact is that the natural process of development leads us to closer connection with each other. We all see how connected the world is becoming, how the ties between different countries and nations are strengthening, not only in industry and trade, but we are also getting closer to each other on the internal level.

And at the same time, our connection is incorrect. Trade and industrial ties do not benefit us because they were created with egoistic intentions, form a desire to make money using each other. Therefore, they do not add connection to our world but only reveal our disconnection even more.

But we do not understand it. It seems to us that if we trade all over the world and can agree with each other, then this leads to connection. But no, it only accelerates the awareness of separation.

We need to understand that we require a genuine connection and above all, an awareness in the mind and feelings that we all depend on each other. There is no person in the world who would be free not to make good connections with all the inhabitants of the world. Our whole future depends on how much we understand that only good relations can improve our whole life, and nothing else.

The most powerful weapon is a person’s desire because it is at the height of the Creator. If we want good relations and harmony, to be like one person in a sense of mutual guarantee, then of course everything will get better in the world.

Everyone should feel their connection with everyone else, realizing that we are all together as one humanity, one desire, and one soul in search of one root. And if we all reach for this one root, then everything comes into balance and harmony and there will be no shortage of anything.

Everyone should feel like an inseparable part of the whole world. Humanity is already ready for this. People even in the most remote parts of the planet are ready to feel and accept this idea of universal dependence on each other. The blows of nature that we now feel on ourselves are enough to understand how dependent we are on it and that only nature can help us.

Nature has ways of influencing a person through his belly, children, and everything that is dear to him. In this way, you can very quickly convey to his consciousness that he is obliged to be connected with others for the sake of saving himself and his loved ones.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/22, The ways of the Lord are straight

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