A Goal That Is Not Easy to Achieve

214Comment: There is a kind of emptiness in the way the world talks about connection, and in your words about connection there is a feeling of being filled with light. And even when your students talk about it, it feels like there is light there.

My Response: But people from the outside will not feel it right away.

There is a story written two and a half thousand years ago about how King Solomon suddenly found himself on the street in the guise of a beggar and could not prove to anyone that he was a king. No one believed him: “Who is this ragamuffin? He trudges along the roads and claims that he is the king.”

And instead of him, the devil Ashmedai sat on the throne, conducted all the business, and no one could understand that there was a substitution because everyone was at the simple level of this devil. This continued until King Solomon came to the Sanhedrin.

Sanhedrin was a meeting of wise men like a type of parliament. Before the ruining of the Second Temple we were commanded by wise men, and everyone had the right to address them with any question.

Solomon came to this meeting and asked them only one question. All 70 sages stared at him and could not answer. Then they asked: “Who are you?” He said: “I can answer all your questions, and from this, you will understand that it is I who am the wise Solomon and not this man who sits on the throne instead of me.”

The sages checked and made sure that it was so. Solomon returned to his place as a king, as the wisest and spiritually highest person, and Ashmedai was kicked out in disgrace.

Why am I saying this? Until the great sage Solomon came to the Sanhedrin, no one could understand that he was talking about something correct.

That is how we are. We say a lot of things, expose ourselves to the outside, but in most cases we seem, putting it mildly, unrealistic, immaterial: “It is all beautiful, good. The guys are great; they believe that the world can be made better so that people love each other…” and so on.

The world absolutely cannot believe that connection is its necessity, its goal, to which it goes to like a train. It must crash into something because the goal is in front of it and it cannot turn anywhere; it is getting closer to it every minute.

And if you put a system of balancing the similarity between yourself and this goal, then the train will slow down and gently enter it, like a pink cloud: happy, soft, kind, filling, illuminating, and giving a sense of eternity, perfection!

And if not, then this goal will collide with the train like a huge granite rock, will crush everything into a pancake, and then you will slowly begin to recover. But this recovery will be terrible and difficult and will take tens or hundreds of years during which you will, literally lick your wounds and heal yourself.

It will be something incredible—the world after the catastrophe where it will gradually learn and realize on its miasmas what the opposite of them is.

But I am an optimist. We need to disseminate more, and then everything will work out.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The World After Сatastrophe” 2/14/13

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