Feel the Connection to Each Other

937Comment: When I hear the melody that the friends sing together, I catch some kind of vibration. And if I enter with my minimal vibration, then a feeling of some kind of volume, a kind of stereo, is formed.

My Response: Thanks to your voice, you begin to hear everyone else and perceive the whole range of sounds through it. And if you listen from the outside, then you perceive others not through your voice, not through your participation, but one-sidedly, not as from within.

By participating in a common action, you connect with everyone, and through this connection you feel the inner strength, the inner meaning of “vocal singing,” a chorus, or some kind of common action.

This is the difference between attempts to overcome individualism in our world, that is, to supposedly connect with each other, but at the same time everyone is watching from the outside, from what Kabbalah offers, helping a person to go inside, free from himself, and feel exactly the commonality, a “not himself.” Here a person has to go into annulment of himself, into the restriction of “I” (Tzimtzum Aleph).

Comment: But he feels it all through himself. This is very clearly felt when everyone is singing.

My Response: The fact is that such ranges suddenly open up in you, such sensations, such possibilities of subtle perception and all kinds of internal switching, as if you suddenly enter through a small door into a huge hall, and such divine music sounds in it, such perfection, that you begin to try to gradually find yourself in it through start-stop actions. This is the first acquaintance. Naturally, this pulls a person and pushes him, like a child.

Comment: At the same time, each voice individually can be absolutely terrible and imperfect.

My Response: Of course! It really is so.

Question: If you record this singing does any energy remain in it or is it felt only at the moment of singing?

Answer: It remains, nothing is lost. But you can never return to the old; you are always directed only toward new attainment. Here, it’s not like Baron Munchausen’s “the sounds froze and then thawed.” You have to try to do things in a new way and even think less about the old.

Question: But if someone else hears this singing, will he receive some kind of energy from it, from within?

Answer: How will he hear? From the fact that we sing, let’s say, together? Physically sing? After all, we can sit and not sing, but simply enter a state where we feel each other’s commonality.

A person should be ready to hear. Nothing will work without preparation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Mystery of Choral Singing” 1/31/13

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