9th of Av—An Internal View

153We need to unite among us, and as soon as we reveal that we really want to unite but are not able to do it, this will be the state of “Ruined Jerusalem,” the ruin of the Temple. We strive to unite and do not know how to do it, and therefore, we cry and ask the Creator to unite us.

We cry precisely because we are not capable of connection, or maybe even because we are not able to cry and regret it and are not able to ask for help from the Creator. Therefore, no matter how many tears we shed, the Creator does not answer us because our request is not real, not sincere. And it is called “Jerusalem in ruins.”

If we advance more and more this way, then eventually we are overwhelmed with tears of utter despair, and then the Creator corrects the connection between us and reveals Himself inside it. And that means we are coming to liberation.

The shattering lies only in the lack of connection between us. The First and Second Temples mean that even then there was an internal connection between us. We are talking only about internal categories and not external ones.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/7/22, “The Ruin as an Opportunity for Correction”

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