Truth Should Be Paid For

547.05Comment: From a letter: “You talk all the time about the fact that there is only evil in us. There is no good in us, no love; there is evil, there is ego, and that’s it. But if a person reveals this in himself, don’t you think that he will begin to be afraid of himself?”

My Response: To be afraid that you will act accordingly with your evil? You’re already doing that. Reveal yourself to yourself? It’s very, very hard and almost unbelievable. We are distracted every second from this very thing, from the revelation of ourselves. To reveal the “I” itself within yourself, this is an incredible work of a person.

Question: Why is there such a hide and seek game? Why can’t we be taken and directed to this so that we want to escape from this evil?

Answer: If you have a very serious need for this, then dig in. It depends only on your desire. It is hidden from you and reveals itself to the extent of your urgent striving to work on yourself. It’s not easy.

Question: That means, the goal should not be to reveal the evil in yourself. There must be some other goal and evil is revealed along the way?

Answer: The goal should be to reveal the connection with the Creator. And on the way, He points out what’s stopping you.

Question: In this letter there was also a sub-question: “If this is so, will it be necessary to somehow detach yourself from this evil?”

Answer: You won’t be able to do it, it will turn out to be a lie, a falsity. If you want to separate yourself, then this is another, long-term job.

This is our development, this is our life.

Question: A person at some point will want the truth and not sweet? And no matter how bitter it is, he will want to live like this, in truth?

Answer: He will want it as much as he will be able to pay for it. It is said about this: “Buy the truth, but do not sell it.” This is a serious degree.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/31/22

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