The Purpose of Creating a Man

709Baal HaSulam writes that nature and the Creator have the same numerical value according to gematria, so there is no difference between them.

The Creator is nature and vice versa. Both of these concepts are a manifestation of the upper force, and it is our problem how to call it. In other words, everything that exists is a manifestation of the Creator to a person and is at the foundation of the entire creation.

The Creator created nature, and as it developed, it extracted from itself a being called man, “Adam” in Hebrew. This being is capable of developing from generation to generation, and the Creator Himself is taking care of its development.

The Creator wants it to reach His level. “Adam” in Hebrew means “similar,” similar to the Creator, because a person must reach this state and attain everything that created him.

All nature, in principle, is one general law of adhesion with the Creator, the gradual elevation of a person to the level of adhesion with Him. This elevation is a whole great system called the soul or “the soul of the first man (Adam HaRishon).”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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