The Eternal Work of the Soul

963.1Question: What happens to the soul when a person sleeps?

Answer: During sleep, there is a reboot in various parts of the brain, meaning the work during the day continues in it. Nothing else.

Question: It is like there are two systems. One system is the soul in which some spiritual processes take place. The other is the physiological body, which, let’s say, is sleeping now, and its brain activity is suspended.

So, at this time, can the soul continue to conduct some kind of active action? Does it even matter that the owner of this body is sleeping?

Answer: It always happens that way. A person can be distracted, do something, or be busy with something, and his soul continues to function as it should.

In Kabbalah, a dream has a special meaning. During sleep, there is a reboot of the brain and even partly of the soul. In this way, a person prepares for his next state.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/28/22

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