How Can You Show Someone Else the Importance of Spirituality?

294.3Question: How can you show someone else the importance of spirituality when you only fantasize and have never felt it?

Answer: The importance of spirituality should be presented in the form of something higher, better, general, as a state of interconnection, friendship, love, and mutual understanding. You can imagine this in more detail by disintegrating it into some compound parts.

For example, spirituality is full interaction, full incorporation in each other. Love is mutual pliability, lowering oneself, elevating another, understanding what he needs, helping him move forward. This is a lot of all kinds of interactions: receiving from another because he wants me to receive; how can I help him and fill him, and so on.

This approach leads to close interaction, to the point that we stop seeing where I am and where he is. And at this point where “I” and “he” disappear, there is a feeling of the upper degree.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Play the Importance of the Spiritual?” 11/3/09

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