How To Raise The Importance Of Spirituality

laitman_528_01Question: How can we continuously raise the importance of spirituality over corporeality?

Answer: It is very simple; we have to be impressed about the importance of spirituality by many people, the friends who study with us in the group, through their impressions, by Kabbalists’ books, and we also have to think about the meaning of life. What else is there in this life except for exiting it and ascending to the next level?

We are all given the chance to do so, and we can do so. Every individual can exit his life and ascend to the next level of our existence during his lifetime. We have already undergone the development of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and now we are about to ascend from the beastly level to the human level. A human being, Adam, stems from the Hebrew word to resemble (Domeh), which means to resemble the next level.

I hope that you will fulfill this. This is the reason that we have prepared so many materials over the years: books that are translated to many languages, clips, an archive that includes all the different types of lectures in different media types, and also organized study groups. All you have to do is to get together and start working.

It is very serious work because a person is naturally repulsed by others and subconsciously feels that he is unique and special; there are them and there is me.

Gradually, under the impact of the upper Light, we begin to feel that we are in one system and that we depend on each other. We don’t need more than ten friends. It is enough to be in a ten in order to feel in it the upper world, the upper attributes, like in a magic mirror; it is possible.

I hope that all those who study systematically according to our study program, which I lead and teach daily, will soon be able to reach the next level of our evolution, and to attain it. I am ready to guide you and to help you in every way. I will be very happy if you would join us in our future conventions.
From the virtual lesson “The Time of Kabbalah”, 5/21/17

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