The Concept of “Body” in the Material and Spiritual

962.1Question: It is said that the Creator hates bodies. Why? After all, these are His creations.

Answer: In Kabbalah, the body is called the egoism of a person. And since the Creator is an absolute desire to bestow, above our egoism, it does not coincide at all with the egoistic intentions of man, and therefore it is said that He hates “bodies,” meaning He is the opposite of the ego.

The Creator created egoism on purpose so that, proceeding from the opposite quality, man would attain Him. After all, everything we attain is attained on the basis of opposites.

And our biological bodies are at the animal level. The Creator has no complaints about them. You satisfy your animal desires, please, it doesn’t matter.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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