The Creator Operates In the Entire World

222“There is none else besides Him” is the very first law that determines the attitude to nature, to the Creator, and speaks about the fact that there is no other force in reality. And a great number of different and, as it seems to us, opposing forces, actually come from the same source.

Although we are in very different relationships with each other, getting closer and moving away, all this love and hatred are born in us because we are guided by that one upper force, which is called the Creator.

A Kabbalist tries to see that in all of nature, behind all the events and actions of people, there is only one upper force. Such correction takes a long time, but as soon as a person starts working on it, he already feels a special attitude to the world, to reality, and to the upper force, and quickly begins to feel how the upper force influences him.

In practice, this work is carried out through a group, preferably no less than ten people, who try to establish between them relationships that are similar to the nature of the Creator, that is, to build such a system of mutual connections that exists in the upper force. In this way, they build a network from their connections, like a locator capable of catching and revealing the Creator.

Everyone can come to this and is even obliged to do that. Sooner or later, in this life or in the next one, a person will develop to a state where he will be able to reveal the Creator to the fullest.

Today’s world, with its wars and rapid growth of inflation and social problems, pushes us in this way to reveal the Creator as soon as possible, to get to know Him. Then all these troubles and misfortunes will turn into their opposite, into a good and happy world.

The main thing is not to forget that we are inside the Creator and there is none else besides Him. This upper force controls all the processes of our life, all our feelings, desires, thoughts, and all our relationships between people, countries, all inanimate matter, plants, and animals. The Creator operates in everything and fills everything with His force.

Instead of unconsciously obeying this concealed control, as is happening today, we can reveal the connections between all parts of creation explicitly. This will be the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

To reveal the Creator means to reveal the love between all parts of creation. Now, instead of love, we see only hatred and hostility in the world. But this is done on purpose so that we will want correction, and instead of all these evil forces, we will reveal that only one force of good operates in the entire universe.

We just need to try to see the Creator behind each person, and you will see how the entire picture of the world begins to change.
From KabTV’s “The World” 6/28/22

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