Why Does the Creator Reject Us?

962.3Why does the Creator reject us? It is because He wants to show us a place where we can come closer to Him. And due to these rejections and rapprochements, we begin to feel our relationship with Him more and more and really come closer. It is impossible to feel coming closer if there was no distancing before.

After all, we, the created beings, are not able to feel any separate quality unless we compare one quality with another. Therefore, we perceive everything as “the advantage of light from darkness,” from contrast, from the opposition of distancing and coming closer, rejection and proximity.

If the Creator is good that does good, then why does He send us suffering? To hurry us to come closer to Him. Coming closer to the Creator is the best cure for all diseases. But you can come closer to Him only through the similarity of qualities: as He is merciful, so you become merciful.

That is, I must become kind and do good in relation to all created beings, like the Creator, and then I will reveal that the Creator really treats everyone with absolute good. In the meantime, I judge everything to the extent of my corruption, and therefore, the attitude of the Creator to the world seems evil to me because I myself am in the state of evil. If I correct myself, then I will reveal that the entire world is absolutely good, the Creator is present in the entire world and fills everyone, embraces everything.

I will see that everyone is absolutely happy! How can this be if now I see it in a completely different way, that evil is all around me? Correct yourself, and you will feel the Creator and His good attitude toward everyone because you yourself have achieved such good qualities.

To the extent that I become similar to the Creator by correcting my egoism and coming closer to goodness, I am able to justify the Creator. Yet, to the extent that uncorrected qualities remain in me, I see the world as bad and myself as unhappy.
From KabTV’s “World” 6/28/22

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