Is Bill Gates To Be Blamed again?

273.02Comment: A conspiracy theory has been spreading all over social media that Bill Gates is behind the emergence of Monkeypox

People on Twitter are actively spreading a video clip of an interview Bill Gates gave last year. He warned governments of potential epidemics in the future including Monkeypox, which is not a typical virus for Europe. It has started to spread in the last few days. That much we know. So, we have a big problem here.

In your previous videos (and there’s plenty of them) we will see you talking not only about the Monkeypox but also about the potential for epidemics caused by inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, basically from everything possible. There is a chance of nuclear crises, etc., etc. They might blame you!

My Response: Let them accuse me of anything they can. Just do not forget the first and the last name, and who I am, and what I am about. I am ready!

Question: How did we manage to bring all these problems upon ourselves: the pandemic, the war, Monkeypox, all of it?

Answer: It is very simple. All kinds of diseases emerge from within humanity internally as a result of the egocentric desire that wells up.

Question: Do I want this Monkeypox!? Do I want that virus?

Answer: No, you do not want Monkeypox, but you are causing it this way. It does not mean that you want it or do not want it because it does not depend on your desire. It depends on the severity of the ego you are working with, the kind of ego you live in. The coarser the ego you live in, the greater the problems you bring upon yourself from the depths of nature—your very own nature.

Question: Is this based on a specific law that exists: the greater all of our egos are, the greater the problems that befall us?

Answer: Of course. After all, you make use of that ego. It reveals itself and that is where all these misfortunes originate.

Question: So we open it up and unleash a kind of a genie? So it is possible that if the ego continues to grow, we will unleash something we cannot handle?

Answer: Without a doubt! Humanity will have to face huge problems.

Question: How do we go about closing that box?

Answer: By suppressing the ego in which we work. We have to be correcting the ego, putting it back in, and not allowing it to break out of its depths.

Question: Can it somehow be suppressed?

Answer: It depends on us. It is in our hands. Only if we make a collective decision that we will not relate to each other in a way such that the ego is revealed, then none of these external problems will manifest.

Question: There is a direct correlation?

Answer: It is absolutely direct. It is the same thing here, meaning, the ego that is internal is the essence of nature, and all the problems are swirling around it—family-related problems, health-related problems, biological, egotistical, and so on, you name it.

Egoism is the very essence of our lives. The more we use the ego, the greater the problems that we bring upon us on all levels: biological, physical, social, etc. So it makes sense that more and more ailments are materializing, and it is going to get worse and worse for us.

Question: So, you are saying that we tackle only the consequences and we do not get to the root?

Answer: If you want to tackle the root of it, then it is the ego itself. Nothing else.

Question: But why don’t we come to this?

Answer: Because we do not want to! Because it is against our nature.

Comment: We waste billions, produce medicine, but we never come to this.

My Response: You can do whatever you want, it will not matter. You never want to come to this! Even if you are brought face to face with it, you will say: “No, I would rather work on curing cancer, for instance.” Cancer is the direct consequence of the ego. Direct because cells consume each other!

But you will not do anything about these cells not to form in the first place.

Eventually, we will not have a choice but to work against our own nature. And this is the antidote to all problems on every level.

Question: What can we do to achieve this kind of understanding as quickly as possible? Tell us!

Answer: Diseases, problems, even if humanity is annihilated, it will not help! Even annihilating it will not help.

Only the gradual awareness nurtured by means of education, anti-egotistical education, that is it. So, come and educate yourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/26/22

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