You Cannot Buy Pleasure

551Question: I’ve heard that we have to pay twice for the things we buy. The first price is paid when we purchase whatever we want, be it a book, a bicycle, cabbage, and the second payment is an effort to get the benefit from this item. And the second payment can be much higher than the first. For example, if I buy a book for $20, it takes 10 – 12 hours to read it, to get some pleasure, etc. Only then do we see the return on the first payment.

Today, in the pursuit of pleasure, we often pay only the first price and do not have time to pay the second. We immediately run for a new pleasure, buy again, and so on. Cars, bicycles, sneakers…

How do you feel about this?

Answer: It is correct. We do not want to put in the effort after that. We make enough effort in the buying.

Question: And where is it, the pleasure? I bought it, why can’t I master this thing?

Answer: You cannot buy pleasure; you buy it in some kind of wrapper.

Question: Let’s say I bought pleasure in the wrapper of a car. Why don’t I master it, but after some time I run for another pleasure?

Answer: Enough is enough. You bought it, that is it. Nothing more is expected of you. Why did you get the desire to buy it? In order to buy. That is it. And it is getting smaller every day.

Comment: There was no such thing before.

My Response: Egoism becomes more vivid and plays with us this way.

Question: What will this chasing lead to?

Answer: To fatigue. The next stage, which will come after the society of fulfillment that the West lives in today (the rest of the world is still far away), will be a society of disappointment.

Question: Do you see another formation that will suddenly arise? There were changes of some formations all the time, slavery, capitalism, etc.

Answer: No, it is the same egoism growing. And here we reach a state where we fill it and find that there is nothing further to do. Then there will be howling all over the world: “What can we make ourselves busy with? What can we fill up with? Where is the pleasure? What is the point of living?!”

Question: That is, the pleasure will wash out, go away from us?

Answer: Yes, it will disappear.

Comment: And I will not get it from anything?

Answer: No, not from wealth, sex, knowledge, power—nothing!

Question: And what is next in this pyramid?

Answer: Nothing. Above this is the attainment of truth, the Creator.

Question: So Maslow’s pyramid of these desires has stopped somewhere, and it is not known what will happen next? Is that where the attainment of the Creator is?

Answer: Yes, of course. Growth is leading to this.

Question: There was no other way to bring us to this idea that we need a Creator?

Answer: No, we have to go through these states. We have to build this pyramid within ourselves. Each subsequent stage is based on the previous one. That is all.

Question: Will this happen to every person?

Answer: Yes, but with each person it is not that he will really go through everything. He will perceive the experience of others and absorb the qualities and impressions of everyone.

Question: And he will not have to go through the same path?

Answer: No. He will understand that he does not need it.

Question: And then what? They will ask the Creator to reveal Himself?

Answer: The Creator is the most perfect pleasure. Look at how sex is viewed today. Once it was the greatest pleasure. Now they refuse it, they renounce it, and so on. And what remains? What will they be left with? What can one fill oneself with?

Question: You see this process as positive?

Answer: Of course, it is positive. Humanity is developing and going through all these stages.

Question: Is it possible to speed up this process?

Answer: No. It grows together with humanity, together with our egoism, together with the developing society. It all happens at the same time on different levels but together. It is a single whole.

Question: Can I have your cautious forecast? After what time will we come to the state that we will finally ask the Creator?

Answer: At the pace at which it is now going, it should be very fast. Of course, not yet in our time. But fast. I think it is in a couple of decades, 30 to 40 years.

I do not think there will be many. Even if now we return to poverty, to limitations, it will not be the same. We will already have impressions: why do we need this? We will no longer gnaw our teeth for earnings, for some material pleasures, and so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/9/22

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