The Man Ahead of His Time

294.1In our country that First World War resulted in a new, historically unprecedented, form of statehood, not only in the realm of economic, but likewise in that of the aspirations of nationalities. From the point of view of the naturalist (and, I think, likewise from that of the historian) an historical phenomenon of such power may and should be examined as a part of a single great terrestrial geological process, and not merely as a historical process. …

Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a mighty geological force. There arises the problem of the reconstruction of the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking humanity as a single totality. This new state of the biosphere, which we approach without our noticing it, is the noösphere (Vladimir Vernadsky).

My Response: This is what Kabbalah says, only in different words. It is necessary to understand where Vernadsky suddenly had such an awakening from. He suffered tremendous shocks, he was unconscious for many hours and even days on the verge between life and death.

It was his egoism, and not his body, that endured the strongest stresses. Not only on a spiritual, but also on a purely physiological level, such preconditions arose in him that he began to feel the delicate layers of the universe.

Suffering purifies a person, raises him above egoism. Egoism, when experiencing pain, automatically shuts itself, protects us, not wanting to suffer.

As a rule, when a bad time comes, we say: “We do not need anything. We have something to drink, to eat… Let it just be peaceful, we do not want anything else.” And when the good time comes, we are ready to consume everything: “No, give us the whole world.”

Vernadsky experienced a very stressful state when his rejection of egoism occurred at all levels of his being, both physical and moral. Therefore, he realized that the future existence of man and humanity lies precisely in that sphere—he called it the noosphere—where a person rises with his spirit above the body despite his egoism.

This egoism, this so-called body of ours, not physiological, but internal, exists so that with its help we can transform into a completely different being, which will identify himself not with matter, but with his inner essence.

Vernadsky experienced it inside himself during the loss of consciousness, during the rejection from his body, in all these sensations, which were quite strong and obvious, left him with very serious informational bases, which he then developed further.

Usually, in a person undergoing these conditions, they are gradually erased. Vernadsky’s were not erased. He is really a special man who experienced a way out of egoism into a completely different, supra-egoistic, spiritual state. Therefore, he was able to more or less describe the transitional and the next states of humanity.

He had no conceptual, descriptive apparatus. After all, he was a geologist by profession and dealt more with inanimate nature. And he suddenly began to feel in it and through it the vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature. Thus, for him, all these levels turned out to be ascending to a state where he discovered that he was rising above our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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