Special Day—Shabbat

564Question: Can there be a streak of failures both for a person personally and for the whole of humanity?

Answer: Yes, for countries, nations, and the whole of humanity. There are certain good and bad dates for every person, every nation, every country , and for all mankind. That’s why we distinguish different days of the year.

Question: And what can be advised, for example, to some nation?

Answer: Do not engage in any particularly serious business on bad days. Don’t get married, don’t wed; there are a lot of things.

The days of the week appeared as a result of this, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and the seventh day is Shabbat, when it is forbidden to do anything at all. If you work on the seventh day, do not expect any favor from above, you will not be lucky. Even if you don’t see it right on the spot, after many years, somewhere, somehow, it will still accumulate and come out to you with bad deeds.

Question: What happens on this special day?

Answer: On Shabbat, the upper system of forces is at rest. Therefore, the Torah does not advise a person to take any action on this day.

Moreover, these actions are very strange: you cannot cook, clean, put things in order, sew, knit, draw, or paint, meaning, create something new, because on this day the upper governance system, the commutation of the forces of nature is disabled.

Question: What is the connection between all that you have listed?

Answer: There are a lot of laws. But they all come down to one thing: don’t do it and you’ll be better off. These are all laws of spiritual nature. You don’t see them around you, but there is huge meaning placed in them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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