From Heart to Heart

283.02A person who teaches Kabbalah has states when he can express his thought technically quickly and correctly, and there are states when he needs to express something emotionally without a special technique of speech, and then these emotions are conveyed even better. After all, he has to strain himself emotionally and send an invisible charge from himself to others.

This often works better than beautiful words. There is contact between the internal systems of the one who wants to convey and the one who wants to receive.

This is more effective than words because it enters directly without clothing in phrases that should pass into some meaning, and then the meaning in some way should pass into feelings, and the feelings should be felt and absorbed. This whole mechanical chain does not exist because the message goes straight from heart to heart.

It depends on the contact between the student and the teacher. It either exists or does not exist. However, it mainly depends on the student. If he wants to connect with his teacher and be as connected with him as possible, to drown in him, to be absorbed by the teacher, and asks for it, then it happens.

Question: You are talking about an internal request. How can we build it so that it really comes from the heart?

Answer: Gradually, by elevating the teacher in your eyes, above all your opinions, above all possible corporeal conditions. By understanding that you are given a great, unique opportunity to receive something from the teacher, and it is necessary to take advantage of it, to not neglect it, to not postpone it for later, to not accept it as something ordinary, and to not transfer it to some corporeal relations and corporeal benefits.

This is a very big problem of the interaction with the teacher because a person is given difficult conditions here. Yet, if he observes them more or less, he can obtain contact with the Creator through his teacher. At the same time, they should build such a chain when the lower one is completely immersed in the upper one.

We study this from the system of building blocks of the upper system where each degree enters the higher degree, and that one enters an even higher one, and so on. Therefore, if the lower degree enters the upper one and exists there as an embryo inside its mother, then it can develop with this upper degree, at least in the first nine degrees. This is called nine months of fetal development.

Then it goes outside and gets its own external model of development, which also depends on the upper one, like a baby who was born and develops next to its mother. The nursing period lasts two years, growing up six years, childhood and adolescence twenty years, until full maturity.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Public Speaking” 6/29/14

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