Can We Control Nature?

268.02Question: A famous singer believes that a woman needs two things for success—a child and character, a man is not required at all. She had a child without a husband because, as she says, men themselves have become uninteresting. Is such a model acceptable from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: What does Kabbalah have to do with it? This is about the world, about nature. We are not above nature, we cannot control it.

What can some singer, even if she is famous, know about human nature, about one’s destiny, about the laws that exist within us?

People want to invent new laws. They do not understand that we are part of nature and exist inside this vast system. If we do not act in accordance with it, then in the end we get a solid blow on the head.

But this is a high price to pay, we should not do it. We interfere with the ecology, we interfere with the family, we interfere with something else, we turn everything over, and then we just suffer. Nature does not change from this, rather we change in a bad way, and then we have to somehow climb out of this again.

We are created to build a family correctly and raise children together. But without a father, a child will not grow up to be complete, and a single woman will not feel complete either.

The thing is that we are creating a society in which it is more beneficial for a woman to be alone since a man does not do household duties, he is not a reliable partner, and does not provide her with what a husband, a man, should provide. Therefore, she comes to this conclusion. In the end, all this is just hormones.

If you talk to biologists, zoologists, and geneticists, they will explain to you the reason for the behavior of women and men from sexual, social, and other points of view.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Siamese twins” 11/7/10

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