Embody the Idea of Unity

507.03Comment: Some of your students are eager to move to Israel.

My Response: You don’t have to move here at all. You can sit on an ice floe in Greenland and spread knowledge about the essence of our methodology via the Internet. We all need to get into the widest possible dissemination.

A special blow, of course, falls on those living here in Israel who speak Hebrew and are clearly aimed at pushing this idea primarily among Jews. After all, it is to them that all fallen humanity will turn with the accusation that this people is to blame for the fact that everything is bad for everyone.

In principle, this is true. And since such a feeling of humanity comes from a simple egoistic animal feeling, then its natural reaction, the natural solution to the problem, is to destroy the Jews.

This is what Hitler wanted to do based on some ancient runes, beliefs, Tibetan mystics, and all the rest. Although there is nothing of this in principle, everything was neatly tailored to it, instead of realizing that there is a completely opposite idea here, take the idea of connection and make the Jews fulfill it, make them work!

Therefore the whole world will demand the implementation of this idea from the people of Israel and from those representatives of the nations of the world who have such a pressure to move forward in whom spiritual genes have manifested as a result of the shattering and connection in the descent that happened after the ruining of the Second Temple and has continued for the last two thousand years.

It is necessary to force these people to work spiritually.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Pressure on Israel” 11/3/09

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