Trade: The System That Feeds The World

547.05Question: Modern trade is set up to enable us to profit as much money from others as possible. But in the past, everything was based on trust, goods were provided and the money was paid later. What is the point of the new form of trade?

Answer: Trading is not about deceiving another. This is already robbery. Any trade involves a lack of a product somewhere, which I bring and sell because people there need it. What is deceitful about this? Just as all the organs of the body serve, supply each other, and complement each other, so it is here. This is vital.

Trade forms the blood vessels that transport nutrients as needed: back and forth. And the fact that trade today is based on deception, cheating others, and imposing what they do not need on them or having them swallow all sorts of harmful products, is a whole different ball game. This should not happen.

In fact, trade has never been conducted this way. Everything between the Jews was built on complete trust. My great-grandfather worked for an orthodox owner in the village as a production manager. He had a small notebook and no accounting books. My grandfather told me about it. My great-grandfather wrote down everything in this notebook and kept track of it all. When the Soviet government came, he was imprisoned and several people took over his job in the accounting department. To no use!

It all depends on how you approach the work and how you run the operation. Either one person with a small notebook or twenty people sorting through pieces of paper. Therefore, a proper attitude holds immense potential.

Question: Will this period in which people are ready to kill each other for profit ever end?

Answer: They have to taste it all and then they will come to the realization. I have no doubt about it. I’m an optimist. A fatalist and an optimist.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. World Financial Problems” 5/4/10

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