On Full Trust

600.02Comment: You recently told us how the system of interrelationship between Jews developed when they were scattered around the world. One could come to the other and he was obliged to feed him and accept him for the night.

Even monetary relationships were completely different because the Jews were on a spiritual level.

My Response: Such a system still exists among diamond dealers today. How do they make deals? They shake hands with each other and say, “Shalom u-braha!” which means, all the best and blessings. That’s it!

This is accepted as the final signature in all international transactions, even in courts, and not only in Jewish ones. Words are enough. And to this day there is such a thing. And between whom? It is between people who deal in diamonds, oddly enough.

But they say that in recent years it has become a thing of the past. In general, it has always been like this between Jews. I could come to you a thousand kilometers away and without any connection, say that my money is with someone, take the goods from you, and promise that he will send it to you then. All based on words!

But this requires somewhat different people who, so to say, are afraid of God, for whom this world is only temporary. They feel among themselves the opportunity for correction and for reaching the upper world. In this case, it works. Now it still works due to inertia, but in general, of course, everything goes away.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Global Financial Fraud” 5/4/10

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