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263Question: There were famous Kabbalistic doctors in history such as Rambam. Even today, modern medicine benefits from his research. Why does a Kabbalistic doctor succeed where an ordinary doctor cannot succeed?

Answer: Indeed, there were many Kabbalists in history who treated people. In general, healing has been a Jewish profession for many thousands of years, especially in Spain during the years of Rambam’s life, during the transition between Islamic and Christian governance.

But the fact is that these abilities depend on the soul of a Kabbalist. There are souls who are meant to help people in this world and manifest themselves in such a way.

However, most Kabbalists work in a completely different way. They are reserved people because they make internal corrections in the system of souls. In our time, as Baal HaSulam noted, they can already reveal Kabbalah to wide circles of society. It all started with him.

In other words, not every Kabbalist is capable of healing; not everyone is given such an opportunity. In the article “Time to Act,” Baal HaSulam writes that you need to get special permission for each practice of Kabbalah, and it is in the volume and in the form that you are allowed from above that you can act. Rambam received such permission.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Is Frankl Right?” 8/8/10

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