“The Children of Israel Sighed from the Labor“

562.01We cannot just ask to acquire the qualities of bestowal because it is against our nature. How can I ask for something I do not know? Therefore, the Torah, Exodus 2:23, says:…and the children of Israel sighed from the labor…

They wanted to exit Egyptian slavery, that is, the control of egoism, and once they discovered that they were unable to do this, they began to shout: “How can we exit it? And if we do not exit, it will destroy us, we will remain like animals, in the intention ‘for our own sake.’ How can we rise to the level of man?” “Man – Adam” comes from the word “Domeh” –  similar to the Creator.

This is the tragedy that they felt in their condition in Egypt. Therefore, their cry rose to the Creator, and the Creator began to liberate them from slavery.

Question: Does it mean that they were not shouting because of Pharaoh’s hard work like we usually imagine?

Answer: This is the hard work: they wanted to exit their egoistic intention but discovered that they cannot. They were ready to do everything, but they could not do it. All their attempts and efforts are this scream.

Every person should reach such a state.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/19/22

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