On the Ruins of a Dream of a Bright Future

547.05Comment: In European countries, such as France and Germany, the birth rate is falling. Today, Europeans do not want to have children and openly talk about it.

My Response: This will be the case in most countries of the civilized world. We see no benefit, no purpose, in childbearing. “What do I need this for?! I live in such a way that I curse my life, I feel completely aimless in it, unfulfilled, and it’s all a burden to me. Why should I have children?! So that they live even worse than me?!”

Today humanity has already passed the peak of its development. For many thousands of years we have been climbing and climbing, and we always had the hope that the next generation would be better off. People had a dream, and it didn’t matter that it was incomprehensible, inexplicable.

So, both in Europe and in America, people hoped that they were living in order for their children to be better, and for their grandchildren to be even better. At the end of the twentieth century, the peak of such an attitude to life passed without being noticed. We don’t think like that anymore.

I have talked to hundreds of people all over the world and they all clearly understand this problem. Humanity has lost hope that it is developing for the better.

Why give birth?! For what?! I can allow one child for myself. Not for the child, but for myself. That is, we are egoists, we are ready to give birth to a child so that we have something to do, something to play with, to make life more pleasant for ourselves. But not for the child.

If we thought about them, about the unborn, we would not have given birth to them. After all, we see that our life, as a result, is not filled with anything good; it’s the pursuit of existence in a continuous struggle. And for what?

Even in ancient wisdom it is said: “Not by your will you are born, not by your will you live, not by your will you die.” So why should I do it to them? What would I suffer all my life for? Just to provide them with some kind of existence? What for? What’s the point?

Today, this issue is facing humanity more clearly, acutely, and realistically.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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