What Is Man’s Perception?

928Question: At the moment, the world is going through a relatively complex stage of its development. We are attacked by a sea of information every day. A person’s reality is literally comprised of all the population and the entire world with its quick, abrupt changes. In an instant, your life can fall apart or on the contrary, rise from the ashes.

Sometimes one wonders how a person can survive in this kind of world, how he or she can keep the right foundation for his development, and how he can perceive everything that transpires correctly?

What is human perception? Is it a quality, a property, or an ability?

Answer: The world is what is given to us in our sensations. The world in itself is unknown and uninteresting to us, we don’t feel it and don’t even wish to know what it is. What interests us is how to change our sensations so that they are more certain, full, and predictable in relation to a new state.

There is such a concept as a thing-in-itself, the world-in-itself, but I would not say that this is what attracts us.

Question: Meaning, that there is a human being while perception is what is being added to him. Does this state have some kind of spiritual root?

Answer: I would say that a human being is that which perceives the surrounding world. And it is measured by how man perceives it. One’s entire worldview depends only on his or her perception. And all his aspirations in life amount to making his perception dependent only on him as much as possible.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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