Lack of Correspondence to the Holy Land

747.03Comment: It is written in all the sources that if the people of Israel do not correspond to the Holy Land, which they received as collateral, then it spits them out.

My Response: The disparity between the people’s qualities and the country’s qualities will lead to the fact that the country we are building will not be established. Since the land on which we would like to settle is special and is intended for us only when we are corrected, it will simply throw us out of here if we try to develop it while remaining uncorrected.

We should not think that this will happen through some special qualities. Just as the Romans came 2,000 years ago and threw us out of here, the same thing will happen now if we do not reach the quality of connection between us in an acceptable time frame.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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