Antidepressants Have Stopped Working

198Depression is one of the most serious diseases today. About 280 million people in the world suffer from depression that in the most severe cases leads to suicide, but antidepressants no longer help. What is the reason that medications for depression stopped working?

Depression is caused by spiritual dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is impossible to cope with it with medication; it must be treated from the root. And the root of spiritual dissatisfaction is that we are increasingly moving away from our root of life. If we do not start consciously approaching it, then nothing will help us.

Antidepressants have stopped working because a person is changing all the time, and thus the root of depression is changing because it is caused by the blockage of the streams of the upper light on the way to us. This is the true cause of depression.

I have to get fulfillment through the 613 channels of the upper world, and some of these tubes are clogged: one, another, then the third. And I begin to feel that some of my parts are not getting filled up—as if I do not have enough oxygen.

It is believed that depression is caused by the lack of certain hormones in the brain. But the real reason is the blockage of those channels through which the upper energy should flow to me and revive me. This is the cause of all diseases and especially depression as a feeling of lack of supply in the highest system related to the sphere of feelings.

The question is, why does such a blockage suddenly occur? The Creator wants to push a person to treat his illness. After all, he himself blocks the streams of the upper light, and doesn’t allow them to pass to his desire. A person develops, and at the same time his egoism grows and clogs the channels through which the upper light flows. But a person is not looking for a cure to clear these channels.

And then the light presses on these plugs, which cause more and more severe pain and lead to all kinds of diseases—physical and mental—at all levels.

Depression is not a flaw in the heart or in the head, but dissatisfaction in the desire. The desire does not receive fulfillment, and a person feels that he is suffocating.

Depression has become so common nowadays because we are approaching serious, genuine spiritual corrections, and therefore, we must feel dissatisfaction. This is a problem of a developed organism that has an increased sensitivity to feelings and pain.

Animals are not so sensitive, and the more developed a person is, the more he suffers from feeling the pressure. Therefore, he needs to wash his channels with the help of the upper light of Hasadim (mercy), called “water.” It is only necessary to turn off your egoistic intention and strive for bestowal, and all channels will be cleared. If a person turns at least a little toward bestowal and connection, he will immediately get rid of all troubles. The result will be immediate.

If the law of loving one’s neighbor as oneself spreads in society, then we will no longer see any cases of depression and no diseases at all. People will live healthy lives to the age of 120 and die peacefully in their sleep.

Love for one’s neighbor is a guarantee for a happy life because it brings the upper abundance that fills all the cells of the body into the world. There will not be a single cell in the outer or inner body of a person left that would not be filled with the energy that suits it.

A huge barrier has been created over humanity on the path of the upper light, and we need help from each other to open it. No one can open this cork for himself, but only if “a person helps his neighbor.” It is time to start working to break these barriers in our hearts.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 4/24/22

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