War Has No Future

115.06Only in relation to our connection with each other can we find out what state we are really in, meaning the state before entering Egypt, in Egyptian slavery, or perhaps ready to go free? Everything depends only on the degree of our unity.

Before entering Egypt, everyone was at odds with each other, like Joseph and his brothers. And then they go down to Egypt and discover that it is good to unite egoistically, and that due to this, one can succeed. But gradually we find out that problems cannot be solved in this way, but our relations must be changed.

It is written that only seventy people descended into Egypt, a small group. Then it multiplied greatly, and the point here is not the number of people, but the fact that the egoistic desire of everyone grew. Pharaoh gets inside them and adds more and more desire to enjoy to them, as if there were millions of them.

And when there are so many of them, the work of unification should already begin between them. Clearly, this is the solution. And that is exactly what needs to happen all over the world today. The whole world must feel that it is tied into a common ball.

And that is why wars and serious problems flare up today. These are not just random clashes and temporary, local disagreements. Wars and epidemics will spread throughout the world so that everyone will feel how connected we are to each other. No one will be able to avoid it. And this is to make us feel like we are in Egypt. All of humanity is approaching this state.

We will not be able to easily get out of this crisis. The world is only at the very beginning of all sorts of troubles that will cover the entire globe: economic problems that result in a deficit of the most necessary things, environmental problems, and epidemics.

Today, the entire globe is Egypt, and we will all have to realize this in order to get out of it, out of all the problems that surround us. The science of Kabbalah and current events are becoming very close these days. This is the most significant period in the entire history of mankind because a new world is being born now from the previous stages of inanimate, vegetative and animate. And the task of Kabbalists is to help it rise from the animate level to the human level.

There is no better solution to all problems than unification over all differences and all obstacles. We will not be able to fix each other and make each other look like two peas in a pod. Each must preserve his individual character, and in doing so, we must learn how to connect above all differences so that “love will cover all crimes.”

It is impossible to do it any other way! If everyone makes claims to the other about why he is not the way I want him to be, then this is a destructive approach in which no one can live in peace.

In nature there are special connections between all elements beyond the desire of each one. This is how the organs in the human body are connected and how metabolism occurs—only due to connecting bridges based on mutual benefit and not one demanding something from the other.

Therefore, people, countries, and societies must understand that there is no future for the desire of one to rule over another. Each individual must control himself in order to unite with the other, and in this way the world will develop in the right direction.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/22, “Pesach (Passover)”

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